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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66333

HHO algorithm for reliable QoS and energy-efficient task scheduling in fog assisted cloud environment

Saeed Al-Amodi,Lalbihari Barik,Sudhansu Shekhar Patra,Bibhuti Bhusan Dash,


The adoption of cloud computing has increased at an exponential rate over the past two decades, which has led to corresponding increases in the amount of energy utilised by data centres. Data centres that use a lot of energy have a huge impact on the environment in the form of a carbon footprint; consequently, cloud service providers (CSPs) have been working to develop energy-efficient data centres. This not only serves to decrease the impact that data centres have on the surrounding environment, but it also helps to balance the costs that those facilities incur. The solutions for the latency-sensitive applications can be found in fog assisted cloud computing environment. We use Harris Hawk's meta-heuristic task scheduling algorithm in order to reduce the amount of energy that is consumed and to enhance the Quality of Service (QoS) in conjunction with SLA. When compared to a variety of alternative algorithms, the suggested implementation provides superior results in terms of energy consumption, flow time, cost, makespan, the CO2 emission rate, and other relevant metrics.


Load Balancing, Task Scheduling, Energy Efficiency, Fog computing ,Cloud computing, HHO Algorithm

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