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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66330

Role of occlusal wear on periodontal status- A Cross Sectional

Dr.Shiva Shankar Gummaluri,Dr.Hirak S Bhattacharya,Dr.Preeti Bhattacharya,Dr.RamanarayanaBoyapati,Dr. N Anwesh Reddy,


Background:Occlusal wear that occur with dental, periodontal and joint problems is the loss of tooth structure by physical or chemical process in the absence of bacteria.Literature has extensively discussed regarding the possible relationship between occlusal and periodontal conditions. Various studies were directed to obtain association between periodontal disease and tooth wear but the results were scarce, so thisstudy was aimed to determine any probablelink between attrition and periodontal disease. Methods: A total of sixty-five subjects between age 25- 75years were included in the study. Gingival inflammation, oral hygiene index, attrition grading and probing pocket depth were measured and recorded for each subject. The data was then statistically analysed using un-paired t test, chis-square test and pearson’s correlation for all parameters.


Attrition;Occlusal Wear; Periodontal Diseases; Tooth Wear

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