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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66322

Control System for Wind Energy Conversion Using Neuro-Fuzzy Logic



In this study, we suggest a new adaptive control technique for wind energy conversion systems utilising permanent magnet synchronous generators. When the characteristics of the system being managed change over time or are originally unknown, the controller must employ a type of control known as adaptive control. These types of generators can only be integrated into the grid with the help of a full-rated AC/AC converter, which is often based on voltage source converter technology (VSC). To regulate both active and reactive power, voltage source converters are available. At the heart of the adaptive control technique is a self-tuning adaptive PI that is informed by a linear approximation of the power system at each sampling interval. Wind resources may be easily plugged into existing electrical grids with the use of adaptive control. In order to lower the voltages after a problem, a model reference is also provided. The benefits of the suggested control are shown through simulation.


wind energy, converter, voltage, electrical grids and simulation

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