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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.11.NQ66311

Analysis of Figurative Language in Singir Lare Yatim The work of KHR Abbas Hasan Tugung Sempu Banyuwangi

Moh. Ahsan Shohifur Rizal, Wahyudi Siswanto, Imam Suyitno, Karkono


Figurative language is used to beautify literary works, especially singir. This can make singir more exciting and unique. But some readers cannot identify the figurative language used in singir. Singir readers read, analyze, and interpret singir without considering using a figure of speech. This study aims to explain the figurative language used in Singir Lare Yatim by KHR Abbas Hasan Tugung Banyuwangi. Singir Lare Yatim (SLY) is the work of KHR Abbas Hasan, which has its specialties. KHR Abbas Hasan is a pious Allamah, a person who knows both Shari'a and Sufism and also has karomah. His work contains teachings that can be contextualized in today's life. The singir consists of chapters adiyah, students, Walid, and sahabah are instructions for spiritual revolution (Sufism) for students who want to understand life. In addition, the singir has an aesthetic value in using the figure of speech, thus adding to the beauty of KHRAbbas Hasan's SLY. This research analyzes figurative language in Singir Lare Yatim by KHR Abbas Hasan Tugung, Sempu District, Banyuwangi Regency. The method used in this research is text analysis with a multidisciplinary qualitative approach using Richard's poetry method. Diction, words, phrases, and sentences taken from the text of Singir Lare Yatim by KHR Abbas Hasan are used as data references. The results showed that the analysis of Singir Lare Yatim by KHR Abbas Hasan Tugung Banyuwangi contained personification, metaphor, allegory, and simile.


Figurative Language, Singir. KHR Abbas Hasan Tugung Banyuwangi

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