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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.11.NQ66288

A study of some thermodynamic parameters in Babylon province

Jinan Hussein Abdul Hassan Al-Khafaji, Mahdi Abdul-Kadhim Abdul


The study included the selection of soil from three different locations (Al-Moradia area, Al-Moradia research station, Al-Kifl district, Abi Gharqa subdivision, Abu Gharaq Agriculture Division) varying in electrical conductivity, and electrical conductivity values ranged between 4-2 Ds.m-1 and another ranging between 8-6 Ds.m-1 and more than 12 according to the American classification and according to the plant's tolerance. Soil samples were taken from two depths (0-20), (20-40 cm).The results of using thermodynamic standards for the study soil using the Abed program (2002) indicate that the ionic strength in it ranged between 0.032 - 0.162 mol. L - 1 in depth) -0 (20 cm).As for the depth (-20) 40 cm, its values ranged between 0.036 - 0.167 mol. L - 1, and the ionic activity values for depth (-20 cm) ranged between 37.922-5.949 mol. L - 1 and 38,078 - 5.521 mol. L - 1 for depth -20 (40 cm, The results indicated that the arrangement of the ionic double is in the following form and for all sites CaSO40 and MgSO40 > Na(SO4)- > K(SO4)-,The arrangement of the ions in terms of their participation in the ion pairing was as follows: sulfate SO4-2 > calcium Ca+2 or magnesium Mg+2 > bicarbonate HCO3-1 > sodium Na+1. As for the free ions, their arrangement was as follows: Na+1 > SO4- 2 > Mg 2+ > Ca+2 > HCO3-1 > K+. Based on the previous thermodynamic calculations,The concentration of the main ions present was corrected in order to obtain the actual concentrations, and thus the sodium adsorption ratio was re-evaluated. These values were compared with the ratios before the correction. The SAR values before pairing ranged from 2.217-8.367 for depth (0-20 cm, As for the depth (40-20) cm, the values of SAR ranged between 2.206-8.404, while after ionic coupling (free ions) it ranged between 2.593-9.296 for depth (0-20 cm, while for depth (40-20) cm, the values of SAR between 2.438 - 9.131.


thermodynamic parameters, Adam Soil solution program, free ions

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