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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.11.NQ66286

Response of apple seedlings (Sharabi cultivar) to spraying with growth regulators naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) and gibberellic acid (GA3) under some levels of nitrogen fertilization.

Hussam Latif Al-Khafaji, Ehsan Fadhel Saleh Al-Douri


The experiment was conducted in the lath house of the Horticulture and Landscape deportment - College of Agriculture, Tikrit University during the 2020 growing season, on apple seedlings of Sharabi cultivar grafted onto Quince rootstock is one-year age during the 2020 growing season. To know the response of apple seedlings, cultivate Sharabi to spraying with growth regulators naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) and gibberellin acid (GA3) under three levels of nitrogen fertilization. The experiment included two factors, the first was a combination of growth regulators, naphthalene, acetic acid and gibberellin acid, with nine levels (T0: spraying with distilled water only as a control treatment, T1: 12.5 mg NAA.L-1, T2: 25 mg NAA.L-1, T3: 12.5 mg NAA.L-1+ 25.0 mg GA3 .L-1, T4: 12.5 mg NAA .L-1+ 50.0 mg .L-1+ 50.0 mg GA3 .L-1, T5: 12.5 mg NAA .L-1+ 75.0 mg GA3 .L-1, T6: 25.0 mg NAA .L-1+ 25.0 mg GA3 .L-1, T7: 25.0 mg NAA .L-1+ 50.0 mg GA3 .L-1, T8: 25.0 mg NAA .L-1+ 75.0 mg GA3 .L-1), The second factor is three levels of nitrogen fertilization (N0: without fertilization as a control treatment, N1: 15.00 g N seedlings. year -1, N2: 30.00 g N seedlings. year -1) which was added as urea (46% N).The results showed positive effects for both growth regulators and nitrogen fertilization on the studied traits. Growth regulators caused a significant increase in leaf area, total leaves area, the percentage increase in seedling diameter and leaf content of total carbohydrates. While the nitrogen fertilization resulted in a significant increase in the percentage of the increase in the stem diameter and the leaf content of total carbohydrates and nitrogen. The results also showed that the interaction treatments between the levels of the two factors were more effective than each of the levels of the individual factors, where most of the interaction factors led to the improvement of the vegetative growth traits and the studied chemical traits.


Sharabi apple, NAA, GA3, Root Traits, Carbohydrates

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