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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.11.NQ66282

Extended Quantum communication channel using quantum Repeater Based on Non-Identical Quantum Memories and Cut-Off Concepts

Ghufran Talal, Jawad A. Hasan


For secure data transmission, a quantum communication system is introduced, and because of the no-cloning theorem, the long-distance communication system exploits the quantum repeater QR to overcome the exponential decay of the photonic state along with the optical fiber. These photonic states have been stored in the quantum memories QM to use in the trials of the processing in the QR. Due to the decoherence of these quantum states, many trials are required until success has happened. The principal factor of the performance of the QR is the key rate. Many QR schemes have used the concept of the cut-off (n*) to limit the number of trials, with identical quantum memories of long lifetimes and high efficiency which cannot be achieved in practical cases. So a quantum repeater scheme based on non-identical quantum memories with a cut-off was proposed here to improve the secret key rate. The results show that the performance ( the key rate as the function of the distance of the quantum repeater QR) of the proposed scheme with non-identical quantum memories is better than that of the quantum repeater scheme based on identical quantum memories. Also, the exploit of the interplaying between the decoherence time and coupling efficiency of different types of QMs species of non-identical QR scheme make noticeable effect on key rate.


quantum repeater, quantum memory, entanglement, quantum communication

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