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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.11.NQ66278

Common anemia type in children

Alia Hamed Abd Jaber, A. P. Dr. Sada Jasim Abdulameer


Background and Objectives: studying types for anemia patients of children age (3month-12years) in the city of kut and diagnosing those most common resulting from having anemia Methods: The types of anemia Patients to were studied using CBC analytics caused by having anemia after collecting blood samples from children patients in Al- Karama Teaching Hospital as well as from the to the patients clinics in Kut. Results: In this study we found after diagnosis of anemia type(39)cases iron deficiency ,(3)cases thalassemia minor,(3)cases infection anemia, (2)cases plastic anemia ,(1)case megloplastic ,(1)case bone morro failur,(1)case myeloid leukemia sampleS total ( 50) cases of anemia patients. Conclusion: classify the anemia as microcytic, normocytic and macrocytic is diagnostic approach. Most common from of microcytic anemia is Iron deficiency caused by reduced dietary intake in patients children


Anemia, Anemia types ,Causes of anemia ,Anemia diagnosis

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