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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.11.NQ66277

Effect of acryl covering and bio-organic fertilization on improving growth and production traits of Chilli pepper Capsicum frutescens L.

Ali Hamad Saleem, Nabil Jawad Kadhim


The experiment was conducted in the fields of the Ministry of Agriculture by the Plant Protection Department during the spring season 2021 in order to study the effect of acryl mulching with bio and organic fertilizers and mulching on the growth and production of cayenne pepper Capsicum frutescens L., The experiment included three factors of acrylic coverage, Bio Fertilization, and included four types of bacteria, Bacillus megaterium and Azospirillum brasilense, and the interaction between them and without adding biofertilizer, while the third factor was organic fertilization at three levels (0%, 50%, 100% kg.ha- 1) .The experiment was designed factorial according to the design of (Nested Desige) and with three replicates, the averages were compared according to the least significant difference (L.S.D) test at a probability level of 5%. branch. plant-1( The leaf area was 305.25 cm2.plant-1. The highest values of yield indicators were also recorded, where the number of fruits was (118.83 fruits.plant-1) and the cumulative yield was (26.59 tons.ha-1). The bi-interaction treatment of the bio-fertilizer showed significant superiority in growth indicators compared to the addition of the single biofertilizer such as plant height, number of branches, number of leaves and area (91.44 cm, 6.00 branches.plant- 1,940.8 leaves.plant-1,302.02dm2.plant-1). The number of fruits (134.91 fruits. plant-1) and the cumulative yield (29.96 tons. ha-1). The treatment of organic fertilization with poultry waste was significantly excelled in most vegetative growth traits, such as plant height (89.08 cm) and number of branches (5.50 branch. plant- 1 ) and leaf area (266.99 dm2.plant-1) The results showed that the interaction between the study factors (organic and biofertilizers and acrylate coverage) had a significant effect in increasing most of the vegetative growth indicators represented by plant height, number of branches, number of leaves and leaf area (126.00 cm, 8.00 branch. plant - 1,449.09 dm2.plant-1) respectively and cumulative yield (49.74 tons.ha-1).


acryl, growth, production traits, Chilli pepper, Capsicum frutescens L.

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