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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66267

A Comparative Analysis of Hashing-Based Algorithm for Data Replication Control in the Cloud computing environment

Dr. MD. Rafeeq, Dr. K. Rajeshwar Rao,Dr. Subhash Chandrda


Management of a huge assortment of replicated information incentralized or distributed environments is very importantfor many systems that give data processing,mirroring, storage, and content distribution. In itssimplest kind, the documents are generated,duplicated, and updated by emails and websites.Although redundancy might increase the dependableness at alevel, uncontrolled redundancy aggravates theretrieval performance and may well be useless if thereturned documents are obsolete. Documentsimilarity matching algorithms don't give information on the variations of documents, and filesynchronization algorithms are sometimes inefficient andignore the structural and syntactical organization ofdocuments.Data deduplication is one of the techniques used to solve the repetition of data. The deduplication techniques are generally used in the cloud server for reducing the space of the server.


Data Deduplication, Processing, Replication control, Hashing, Distributed computing

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