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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ22981

Tuna Fish in the waters of Raja Ampat West Papua, How can it beincrease Haemoglobin levels of pregnant women?

Sunaeni, Zaenab Ismail


Anemia is one of the indicators of malnutrition, more than forty percent of pregnant women have anemi, resulting in various complications for mothers such as young pregnant bleeding, uterine atony to premature pregnancy, low birth weight for babies. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of Tuna cookies in increasing Hb levels of pregnant women. Type of QuasiExperiment with Non equivalent Control Group Design conducted from March 2021 to May 2022. This research was conducted at the Waisai Health Center, Raja Ampat Regency. The respondents in the study were anemi pregnant women who were divided into two groups, 20 pregnant women consumedTuna cookies and 20 more consumed pmtbuskuit pregnant women. The criteria for the study respondents were pregnant women in trimester I-III who experienced anemi. The data collected included demographic data in the form of age, parity, education and occupation and specific data related to maternal Hb levels before and after the intervention. Data collection using Observation Sheets. The average N-gain score for the experimental class of giving ThunnaSp Cookies to pregnant women of 1.91 > 0.7 was more effective in increasing Hb levels, compared to the control class of PMT biscuits of 0.6 < 0.7.


Cookies, Thunna, Anemi, Hb, Pregnant

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