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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66233

Preparation and Characterization of Bioactive Glasses-Ceramic SiO2,CaO,Na2O,P2O5 with Add Low Melting Oxides ΙΙ

Ahmed Kareem Kadhim and Shaker J. Edrees


The process of bone restoration in vivo may face problems, especially those who suffer from diabetesTherefore, the introduction of vanadium oxide into the mixture of medical glass it has insulin-like properties and the improvement of mechanical properties by adding potassium oxide is important. Where this process takes place by Preparing bioactive glass with relying on Hench glass compositions with the addition of an eutectic component (K5V3O10+KVO3). After blending the regent, it was melted and quenched in water. The resultant glass was compressed and sintered at 1000°C for three hours. To characterize structure of the bioactive glass-ceramic samples we use the following tests: XRD ,SEM , ,EDS . An improvement in the bending strength of the samples with an increase in the percentage of addition. an X-ray revealed the presence the phases: Na4Ca4(Si6O18) and a small quantity of (K.5V3O5) and Na4Ca4(Si6O18) in others. After 2 days of immersion in SBFa sponge-like layer deposited on the sample XRD detected found (Ca5(PO4)3OH) It is considered one of the hydroxyapatite phases.The main objective of the research is to study the effect of adding the eutectic compound to the glass and improving the biological properties of the samples implanted in the SBF solution.


bioactive glasses-ceramic ,eutectic component ,SBF, Na4Ca4(Si6O18)

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