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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66231

An Experimental Cram on Weight of Training and Development and its Crash on Hotel Management Graduatesin JaipurRajasthan

Praveen Kumar Sharma, Naveen Sharma, Kuldeep Singh Gour, Harshit Sharma, Siddharth Meena, Ankur Tak


Training and development is considered to be the most important job of human resource department. Training and development are gradually taking a very formidable form in today's time because the turnover of employees is very high per expectation. Many people consider training as a cost. Believes that this is a very wrong concept. Training is an important contribution in the hotel industry. Training is an essential activity of human resources. Why because training has been considered as the reed bone of the organization which strengthens the skills of the employees in an organization and is a means to fulfill their basic needs. Validation training enhances the intelligence and physical skills related to the job. Essential skills are obtained. The practice of skills in an organization increases the enthusiasm of the employees. Training and development are the key to the success of hotel management. Without training, the growth of both the employee and the organization is not possible because the main motive of the hotel is to satisfy its customer. If a customer gets dissatisfied and leaves it, then it will happen every day and the organization will be like loss if the employees are trained, they are unable to carry out the work in the right direction andThey get frustrated as this lowers their level of work. The purpose and relation of its analysis is used. In this chapter we have examined the importance of training and development and seen its impact in hotel staff of Jaipur


Wight of training, Hotel management, Human resource department

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