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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66213

Sensory Evaluation of The Lactogenic Product to Determine Acceptability through Lactating Women

Nidhi, Neetu Singh


Breast milk is essential for the survival and proper growth of a newborn. Lactogenic herbs and plants play a function in promoting and increasing lactation. Lactogenics are substances that aid in the nutrition of breastfeeding mothers. Aim: 1-To create and standardise nutrient-fortified food items. 2-To increase the amount of milk and nutrients in the mother's milk Methods and materials: Five lactogenic items for nursing mothers were designed and assessed using a hedonic rating scale. A questionnaire was used to conduct the sensory evaluation, which was constructed on a 9- point scale. Thirty lactating women assessors were given a questionnaire. The findings revealed that nursing mothers liked the flavour, fragrance, texture, and look of the goods.


Breastmilk, Lactogenic, Lactating women, Sensory Evaluation

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