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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66210

Prioritizing The Emergency Vehicle By Using Emqif Technique for Smart Transport System

S.Chithra Devi, D. Maheswari


Traffic is the biggest problem in cities these days. Monitoring and controlling traffic for peaceful driving is the most necessary for intelligent transportation. The accidents and collisions cause heavy traffic and lead to human losses. For an effective traffic management system, it is necessary to clear traffic as quickly as possible by providing an alternative route. In addition, emergency vehicle (EV) has to reach the nearest hospital in time to rescue the victims. In order to avoid delay, an alert about the speed and location of the EV has to be communicated to the other vehicles. By considering this situation, a proposed algorithm distinguished the EV from other vehicle by the tag mounted on the EV and sends an alert message to the other vehicles about EV crossing on the particular path. Therefore, EV can reach the hospital within the stipulated time and reduce travel time by using two techniques, NaVIc and Edge Computing. The main aim is to make the EV to reach the hospital on time. The proposed algorithm reduces the time delay of an EV to reach the medical centreupto 90%.


Emergency vehicles, priority, delay, Edge computing, NaVIc, Siren

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