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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66208

The Interaction of Teachers in Online LearningDuring the Pandemic (A Study Comparison of Teacher and Student Perspectives)

Muhammad Andri Setiawan, Nina Permata Sari, HamsiMansur, MohdHanafiMohd Yasin, MohdNorazmi Nordin


Online learning is the solution chosen to avoid crowds, which are feared to lead to the new cluster of the Covid-19 pandemic. It's just that online learning is often followed by a different process of teacher interaction in online learning.This study is intended to describe teacher interactions in online learning during the pandemic between teacher and student perspectives.The research approach is quantitative with the type of comparative research, through random sampling, namely on respondents who are in teacher and student social media forums, from January to March in 2021.The results of data collection obtained 789 teachers and 910 student respondents. The data collection instrument used a closed questionnaire.The results showed interaction of teachers providing online learning during the pandemic at all levels of education is significantly different andthere is a significant difference between a teacher and student learning interactions, at the level of achievement of teacher and student respondents at certain times/times both have had online learning interactions during the pandemic. For teachers the average value is 2.55 with a percentage of 56.1%, for students, the average value is 2.55 with a percentage of 63.9%. The researcher recommends that it is necessary to reflect and evaluate teacher interactions in online learning.


online learning, students, teacher interaction, teacher

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