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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66197


Saranya.V and M.ShanmugaSundari


In this “study we address the group replacement policy in hazy and unclear situations, such as when the item can no longer satisfy actual needs, when new technology is available, or when the item malfunctions fatally. Some machines completely stop functioning after a certain amount of time, rather than breaking down. These kinds of issues are evaluated and handled using the group replacement theory. In this case, materials or equipment fail instantly and without previous notice. Replacing these malfunctioning products simultaneously at regular intervals is more cost-effective than doing so only when they break. When our replacement model needs more than a binary concept, the idea of fuzzy comes into play. In this study we used the trapezoidal and triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers to identify the best solution to the replacement problem. The triangular and the trapezoidal intuitionistic fuzzy number offer a more flexible platform for expressing inaccuracy, insufficient, and imprecise as well as for reflecting the evaluation information across multiple dimensions when solving multi-criteria decision-making problems. In this study, all of the attributes, including capital cost and maintenance cost, are represented by trapezoidal and triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers. The proposed methodology can handle the Group and Individual Replacement problems in this generalized platform. The proposed ranking method for intuitionistic fuzzy numbers can be used to compare the average intuitionistic fuzzy cost. As a result, we may compare the average intuitionistic fuzzy cost to decide when to replace the equipment. Two examples are solved for the proposed model.


Intuitionistic fuzzy set,Triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers, Trapezoidal and intuitionistic fuzzy”numbers, Fuzzy Replacement

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