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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66194

Anecdote Text in The Schoology

Brillianing Pratiwi,CahyoHasanudin,Ayu Fitrianingsih,Rani Jayanti,Suesthi Rahayuningsih


This study aimed to investigate the anecdote text written by tenth grade students of MA AssulaimaniyahMojoagung, Indonesia. It was taught in the first semester by using Schoology learning management system (LMS) that implemented flipped classroom learning in the era of covid-19. This study was qualitative research in form of case study with a total subject was 21 students. From 21 students, 5 students who had good ability in writing anecdote text and communication were chosen as sample to be interviewed. The instruments were test questions, interview and observation guidelines. Data was collected by using tests, conducting interviews, and observing the learning process. Data was validated by using triangulations of data, researcher, and theory. Technique in analysing data was content analysis that was started from 1) data reduction, 2) data presentation, and 3) drawing conclusion/verification. The results of study showed that in the abstraction, the students wrote about the afternoon setting with rainy condition. In the orientation, they created conflicts between the characters in the text. In the crisis/complication, they created a conversation about the cheap fuel notes. In the reaction, there was a form of satire or criticism in the text. In the coda, they wrote rhetorical sentences that became the end of conversation in anecdote text. This study concluded that anecdote text written by the tenth grade students using Schoology LMS that implemented flipped classroom learning in the era of covid-19 was good.


flipped classroom, the era of covid-19, schoology

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