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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66183

Numerical Study on Behavior of Hollow Core Slabs Strengthened by CFRP Plates subjected to Monotonic and Repeated Loads

Namaa R. Jasim,Assist prof. Dr. Raid A. Daud


This paper presents the findings of a numerical study of thick hollow core slabs. Near-surface mounted and external bounded techniques were used to strengthen the slabs under repeated loading and monotonic loading. Two series included 20 specimens; the first series had four validation experimental results slabs. The second series had sixteen strengthened slabs, where eleven slabs was modeled under monotonic loading and nine other slabs were modeled under repeated loading. The main parameters are the different effects (length, thickness, strength method) of CFRP used in tension reign and the effect of load type in the slabs. The numerical results showed that the external CFRP bounded effect's load values are less than the NSM-CFRP thickness effect. And the effect of length in slabs with external bounded of CFRP under monotonic load gave the best behavior in ultimate loads compared to slabs under repeated load. The thick slabs with hollow core that tested under repeated load had turned from flexural failure mode to shear-flexure failure mode


hollow core, thick slabs, NSM-CFRP, EB-CFRP repeated load, monotonic load, CFRP plates

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