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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66182

The effect of healing exercises using aids and tools on some functional variables and soccer scoring skill

Murad Khalil Hassan,Prof. Dr. LabibZoyanMasikh


Athletes at the level of the Iraqi league face more and more escalating physical loads related to the goals pursued by the athlete, which require discovering and developing training methods and directing them towards increasing the efficiency and ability of athletes to achieve the best results. There is no doubt that physiological changes affect and are affected by human physical and skill capabilities in all sports activities. Fatigue is the main reason for limiting the player's continuity in performance, as he interpreted many of the phenomenon of fatigue as a physiological phenomenon that leads to a decrease in the athlete's efficiency. For the player and how to design a recovery program for football players and the role of the various healing means that will provide important scientific information that leads coaches and those in charge of football teams to pay attention to the phenomenon of low physical fitness and try to plan to avoid it or reduce its effects through the preparation of healing exercises applied to a sample of football players and adults Their number is (24) players. The study aimed to identify its impact on some functional variables and the scoring skill of young football players, and the researcher assumed that there were statistically significant differences between the tribal and remote tests in the functional abilities of young football players. The second hypothesis was that there are statistically significant differences between the tribal and remote tests. In scoring skill for young football players.


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