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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66173

WSN-based cryptography techniques to avoid misuse of the patient reports communication between patient and hospital

K Muthulakshmi and T. Jaya Sankar


In this work, we propose and implement a secure communication method that combines compression, user authentication, and decryption. In terms of transmitting medical images, the suggested approach offers an improvement over the current methods. Therefore, We present a novel encrypted transmission technique that uses smart agents to communicate and make decisions in order to do tasks like SVD compression, digital signature-based user authentication, AES and RSA picture encryption, and Hill-Cipher data encryption. Images delivered either with an embedded message or on their own are encrypted using one of two different methods to increase security. Decisions on the sort of encryption to be performed are determined using rules, with consideration given to both the nature of the material and the intended recipients. Sender and receiver sides of unicast communications employ the MAES algorithm and 128-bit key for encryption and decryption, respectively. Experiments were undertaken to evaluate the suggested model, and the results showed improvements in transmission speed, security, compression/decompression efficiency, and the ability to make informed decisions about sending medical images.


cryptography, secured transmission, Wireless Sensor Network, authentication, embedded message and ElGamal cryptography.

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