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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66168

The ranking of IT capabilities regard to strategy implementation process: with AHP approach

Samira Loghman Estarki, Asadolah Kordnaeij, Ehsan Gholami


This paper has investigated all the components and processes of developing IT capabilities based on an analytical and descriptive approach and a profound and systematic theoretical literature to implement strategy in a comprehensive and integrated manner and finally, it develops an operational roadmap for ranking IT capabilities with regard to the implementation of strategy in a systematic structure. In this regard, the IT capabilities related to strategy implementation identified in five areas of IT infrastructure capabilities, IT technical and skill capabilities, IT strategic capabilities, IT communication capabilities, and IT management capabilities. Then, based on the key requirements of the IT capability-based strategies, a roadmap (including 4 steps)is developed for using IT capabilities with regard to the effective implementation of the strategy which includes determining organizational strategies, identifying business processes, identifying and developing IT capabilities, and identifying tools related to IT. For providing a list of essential steps to create IT capability-based strategies, we used opinions of 10 experts. Therefore, by a questionnaire we asked experts to compare steps together. Then, using the AHP technique, weighing and prioritizing the basic steps to create IT capability-based strategies. The results show that designing strategies based on IT capabilities are most important and then the development of the required IT capabilities is important in the second phase. According to the experts, the analysis of the required financial model is in the third place and the definition of IT capabilities is in the fourth place.


IT Capabilities, Strategy Implementation, Road Map, AHP.

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