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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66158

Emerging challenges in IoT, Blockchain and Data Mining for effective treatment of Covid and flu diseases through Telemedicine process

Kireet Muppavaram, Kiran Kumar Mamidi, Manyam Thaile , Bhaskar .T


In this present era of 21st Century due to the dangerous infected disease Covid-19 all over the world telemedicine has played a major role in many parts of the world for remote monitoring of the covid-19 patients. Still there are many gaps in online remote monitoring in telemedicine process and as a result effective monitoring of the patients is not possible in many areas in the world. The detection of patients from remote place is considered as need of the day. This study presents the new challenges in the area of telemedicine or e-healthcare system. In this study we carefully analysed the present telemedicine process and we found that effective application of IoT, blockchain technologies and data mining can enhance the telemedicine process. This paper presents the new challenges in IoT, blockchain technologies and data mining where the researchers can work to fill the gaps in telemedicine process.


Telemedicine, e-healthcare, IoT, blockchain ,data mining, remote monitoring, covid-19

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