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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66156

Identification, Isolation and Phytochemical Studies of Mangiferonic Acid From Martynia Annua Leaves for Anti-convulsant action

Santosh Bansodea, Dr. Nachiket s.Dighe


Herbal medicines are low-cost, safe, and widely accessible to the general public. It’s available to anyone who doesn’t have access to a modern health-care system. Natural products from medicinal plants, whether as standardized extracts or as pure compounds, provided endless opportunities for new therapeutic discoveries due to the unrivalled availability of chemical variety. As a result of an increasing demand for chemical variety in screening techniques, the quest for medicinal pharmaceuticals from natural materials has increased around the world. HRLCMS was used to identify numerous phytochemicals in Martynia Annua leaves. One of the compound was isolated using a preparative HPTLC approach, and it was identified as Mangiferonic Acid using spectroscopy. Plant extract has anti-convulsant action, according to in-vivo research (MES-induce convulsion).


Martynia Annua, Leaves, Isolation, HPTLC, Anti-Convulsant, Herbal Tablet

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