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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66133

Basal Implantology- A Review

Dr. Rachita Mustilwar, Dr. Nikhat Fatima, Dr. C.M. Zameer Ahmed, Dr. Hiroj Bagde, Dr. Lynn Johnson, Dr. Furkan Ahmed Khan


Implant insertion is a difficult process in the rehabilitation of atrophied edentulous jaws. Today, it is feasible to perform a variety of bone augmentation treatments, such as ridge augmentation and sinus lift, which raises the risk, cost, and required number of surgeries for dental implant therapy. Ironically, patients with badly atrophying jaw bones receive little to no care. In order to prevent dangerous and expensive bone augmentation surgeries, basal implants are useful. The basal bone supports basal implants because it is often free of infection and less prone to resorption. We will explain basal implantology in this review.


Basal implants, BOI Implant, BCS Implant, Disk Implant, atrophied ridges;

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