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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44974

Effect of using Matricaria Chamomilla Oil, Vitamin E and Selenium on Reproductive Performance of Male New Zealand White Rabbits

Saad Khalil Ahmed and Sarmad Abdul Razak Abood Alssadi


This study was conducted to find out the effect of the use of chamomile flowers, vitamin E and selenium in some reproductive traits of male New Zealand egg rabbits. Twenty males were used in this study at the age of six months; the animals were randomly divided into four groups of five rabbits in each group. The first group was represented by a control without any treatment, the second group was dosed with rabbits (200 mg chamomile flower oil / rabbit/ day), the third group was dosed with rabbits (400 mg chamomile flower oil / rabbit/ day) and the fourth group was dosed with rabbits (vitamin E 250 mg/ kg + selenium 0.3 mg/ day) kg/ per day). The results of the statistical analysis of the reproductive characteristics showed that the third treatment was superior to the rest of the other coefficients for both stages in terms of ejaculate volume, sperm concentration, individual Movement, mass movement of sperm, percentage of deformed sperm and percentage of dead sperm for both physiological before and after mating periods. From other hand, the second and fourth treatment exceeded the control treatment for the same qualities for both periods also


Chamomile, Reproductive, Vitamin E, Selenium,Rabbits

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