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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66128

Influence of Fertilizer on Growth, Yield and Chlorophyll Contents of Ground Nuts

Tanmay Ghosh, Anirban Paul,Sandipan Chatterjee


Groundnut (Macrotylomageocarpum) is cultivated in worldwide of which mostly South Africa, US and India is huge amount of cultivated. Groundnut is a type of legume crops and it is mainly grown in tropical and subtropical area. In addition Groundnut is huge amount of cultivated in India because, it has rich oil and protein content and nutrition value. Several minerals and fertilizers are used to increase crop production to increase soil fertility and improve cultivation. Here we use organic (cow manure) and inorganic (NPK 19) fertilizers. In addition some parameters are used such number of leafs, plant height, chlorophyll contents and nitrate reductase. Here are the chlorophyll contents of leaves and NPK 19 fertilizer interaction has been observed. Using NPK 19 fertilizer and cow manure has increased the height of the plant and increased the productivity of the plant.


Inorganic, Organic, Fertilizer, Microbiology, Biology.

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