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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66120

Review on oral hypoglycaemic drugs and nano technology for countering diabetes

Shivi Tomar, Mr. Anuj Pathak, K. Nagarajan


At present diabetes has become a global challenge affecting near about 25.8 million people in USA, 62 million people in India and around 382 million people worldwide and these numbers are continuously increasing and it is expected that this number may reach up to 590 million people by the end of 2035. There’s a need for the safe agents that can reduce the risk of diabetes. Number of disadvantages has been associated with subcutaneous administration of insulin as it is an invasive method, requires qualified personal, increased patient non-compliance. Thus, an alternative route for delivering insulin is needed to overcome those drawbacks. Though there are certain drugs like metformin, orlistat and acarbose that have shown preventive activities for diabetes. Nutraceuticals are known to have significant effect in reducing the risk of diabetes. Natural agents that slow down the carbohydrate absorption mimic the protective effects of acarbose like soluble fibre for example glucomannan, chlorogenic acid can reduce the risk of diabetes associated with heavy intake of coffee and also legume derived α-amylase inhibitors


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