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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66113

A Review of Computational Intelligence Techniques for Rainfall Prediction

Rushikesh Kolhe, Deepak Paithankar, Komal Kolhe


Rainfall Prediction is viewed as one among the difficult stages in Anticipating Climate. There are many benefits of exact and opportune expectation of Rainfall. It helps in taking preventive measure against farming troubles, flood circumstances and so on. The fields like horticulture, oceanic life, and biological system get impacted of it. To get the genuine Rainfall data, different measurable strategies are proposed in the writing. Because of dynamic nature of climate, factual procedures neglect to give great precision to Rainfall determining. Nonlinearity of Rainfall information makes Counterfeit Brain Organization an improved procedure. Survey work and examination of various methodologies and calculations involved by analysts for Rainfall Prediction are dissected in this paper. The fundamental point of this paper is to give non-specialists a simple admittance to the computational knowledge methods and approaches utilized in the field of Rainfall forecast


Rainfall Prediction, Neural Network, Computational Intelligence Model, Expert System, MLP

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