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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ22972

Analyzation of Multiserver Queuing Models with Reverse Balking and Impatient Customers Under Imprecise environment

N. Rajeswari, W. Ritha


Multiserver fuzzy queuing system with reverse balking and impatient customers is being investigated in this article. Customer impatience has a damaging influence on businesses since it causes them to lose potential consumers, which has a negative impact on the entire company. The concept of reverse balking is novel in stochastic queuing models. Recursively, the model's steady-state solution is obtained. To convert the times of arrival and service into a crisp value using wingspans ranking method. The significant measures such as expected waiting time, average rate of reneging and average rate of reverse balking are obtained. This method is exemplified using numerical examples.


Customers' Impatience, Retention Of Customers, Wingspans Fuzzy Ranking, Multi-server Fuzzy Queuing Model, Fuzzy Number, Triangular Fuzzy Number, Reverse Balking, Reneging.

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