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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66109

Challenges of Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Abhijeet Pabale, Deepak Paithankar, Jitendra G. Shinde, Gajendra J. Pol, Avadhut R. Jadhav, M. Ramaganesh


The concepts of energy and climate, as well as the related security issue, are evaluated by taking into account authentic advancement processes, notably the concept of maintainability, and the multi-layered construction of the potential of supportability is revealed in this study. The majority of the supportability issue revolves around how long the usage can be sustained for under normal asset constraints. This current situation, which draws supportability closer merely from a financial standpoint, has resulted in the link of manageability with monetary development/advancement, and maintainability and effectiveness are assessed together. Indeed, the biological economy concept has emerged as a response to the current situation. This study investigates the concerns of energy and climate management. It also investigates the relationship between energy use and GDP, the conflict between energy and climate, and the general public's future energy demands.


Energy, Environment, India, Sustainability.

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