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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66101

Iran's export competitiveness in the supply of pistachio products in target markets

Morteza Majidian, Erfan Roshani, Yasaman zahra zeinali


Export of agricultural products is one of the strategies of export development and sustainable economic growth in developing countries. Since Iran has been among the top four countries in the world in pistachio exports in recent years, the purpose of this study is to compare the structure of the world market of this product as two links of the pistachio supply chain and to calculate the revealed relative advantage of their exports in the world and countries The goal of Iran was determined. Based on the results, the structure of the global product market in the period of 2012-2018, despite the high share of the top four market powers, has been a closed multilateral monopoly in most years, which indicates the small share of most competitors and high competition between them. But due to the large share and the stability of market leadership, the possibility of taking the share of big countries for small competitors is small. Therefore, it is suggested that Iran, with an average share of 26% in the pistachio market, should prioritize a number of markets in which it has more competitive power for penetration, market development and branding. On average, pistachio exports to the countries of China, Russia, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Italy, and Kazakhstan have had the greatest relative advantage for Iran, which is suggested to include a number of markets in which, based on the relative advantage index, the competitive power has been revealed and has stability, including the Russian, Indian, Kazakhstan markets to prioritize penetration, market development and branding. It is worth mentioning that, due to the higher relative advantage of pistachio compared to other products, its higher added value, the possibility of more branding and the ability to store and transport, it is recommended to develop investment in transformation industries and complete the supply and marketing chain. The development of pistachio export market should be prioritized in the country.


export target markets - obvious symmetrical relative advantage - pistachio product - market structure world

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