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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66096

Operation and Monitoring of Substations by using IoT

Bhawna Chauhan, Priyanka Chaudhary


With the vast scale of transformation possibilities throughInternet of things (IoT), which changed everything about the way everyone lives and work. Even electric power substations operations are brought under IoT for superior efficiency and automation. In this work, double bus bar single bay (Demy) has been operated, which is a part of the substation operated by using IoT mechanism,The idea behind the work is for operation of a substation in real-time to monitor the situation of the substation by using IoT. The operation of the breaker, isolator, and earth switch symbolically with the help of IoT has been performed. The single-bay interlock between the breaker isolator and the earth switch system has been developed and operated using Internet of Things. The entire work is based on the concept and its applications of IoT, which is the advent of a new age of power industries has changed our nation and the world. India’s Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister Shri. Raj Kumar Singh said that India will achieve 175GW of renewable energy targets by 2022. India has huge potential because the energy demand is here and demand will grow at the ratio of 7 to 9 percent. By using IoT technology, better predictive electricity grid load management and maintenance can be achieved for renewable sources which is shown via experimental setup.


IoT, VNC,Raspberry pi,Substation.

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