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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66056

Downregulation of genes in psoriatic patients and the emergence of certain cancers

Subhashini. D and D. Alex Anand


The up- and down-regulation of gene expression, enzyme activities, and cell signaling systems are just some of the major biological processes taking place in cells. They depend on intrinsically emerging protein circuits that react to a particular signal. Most of these events are reversible, and numerous feedback loops control them. Whenever there is a disruption in any of these mechanisms or loops, it leads to the development of diseases and comorbidities. In this presentation, we have uniquely taken sixty-two genes from prior examinations and enriched them through gProfiler. Besides, ChEA3 was used to find out the transcription regulators for them. A couple of downregulated genes, CRIP1 and ID4 were enriched in the GO BP of gProfiler. Their downregulation revealed the possibilities of restricted cancer in the gastric, colorectum, prostate gland, and breast as comorbidity. SMAD9 and GLIS3 are the two topmost regulators of ID4 transcription among the ten profound regulators clustered.


Enrichment, CRIP1, ID4, downregulation, cancers

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