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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66055

Recent Updates on Anticancer Potential of Benzimidazole Derivatives: A Review

Km Shabana, Salahuddin, Avijit Mazumder, Rajnish Kumar, Vimal Datt, Sonakshi Tyagi


Benzimidazole is a heterocyclic compound containing benz annulated bicyclic nucleus that consists of a benzo-fused imidazole ring with a heteroatom at 1st and 3rd positions. Benzimidazole has shown many significant advances in synthetic chemistry as it grabbed the attention of many researchers and scientists because of its numerous pharmacological application such as Antiviral, Anti-HIV, Antiprotozoal, Antihypertensive, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesics, Antioxidants, and Anticonvulsants. Therefore, this review is compromised on the benzimidazole derivatives and their therapeutic activity that will further play a vital role in the discovery of a novel and active drug molecule.


Cancer, Benzimidazole, Synthesis, Anticancer activity, Structure-activity relationship, Patents.

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