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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66051

Wireless Sensor-Based Hashing Technique For Secure Patient Record Transferring In Biometrics System

S.Rajeswari, S.A.Arunmozhi, Y.Venkataramani


Over the past two periods, advancements in communication technology have exploded, with the last decade seeing an unprecedented explosion in the production of numerous cutting-edge, handheld and small communication devices. Modern, high-speed wireless communication technologies that employ complex network and communication protocols and standards have quickly supplanted the traditional wired scheme of communication. Wireless medical sensor networks are a promising application of WSNs in healthcare since they allow for remote patient monitoring (WMSNs). Reliable patient communication, patient mobility, and energy-efficient routing are at the forefront of current WMSN healthcare research developments. Nonetheless, patients' personal information is at risk when new technologies are implemented in healthcare applications without proper security measures being taken. In this study, we present a privacy-preserving strategy for the secure transfer of medical records over WSNs by combining secret sharing, and hashing. The healthcare information gathered by a wireless sensor network is broken down into subsets. In addition, a popular hashing algorithm is used to determine a unique identifier for each constituent. Any alterations to the message will result in a different hash value. Multipath routing is then used to send these parts to the servers. In order to verify the efficacy of the new method, this paper presents comprehensive simulations. The results indicate that secret splitting, in conjunction with multipath routing, aids in the maintenance of confidentiality in a wireless sensor network-based healthcare scheme.


Privacy preservation, sharing, communication. Clustering, machine learning, encryption, wireless sensor networks

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