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DOI: 10.147042022/nq.20.8.NQ44959

In Vivo Effects of PRP Intratesticle Injection on Spermatogenesis and Reproductive Hormonal Level in non Obstructive Azoospermic Infertile men

Rasha Hassan Farhan, Ula Al-Kawaz, Rana A-R Al. Saadi


Background: Non Obstructive Azoospermia (NOA) is the absence of sperm in the ejaculate of infertile men resulting from severe deficits in spermatogenesis or hormonal dysfunction . Objective: To evaluate the therapeutic effect of PRP outologus intratesticle injection in non abstractive azoospermic infertile men on spermatogenesis and some reproductive hormonal level . Materials and Methods: The current study has involved of 50 non abstractive azoospermia infertile men, mean age (34.34 ± 7. 49) the study was established in high institute for infertility diagnosis and assisted reproductive technologies/ART Department/Iraq-Baghdad, during 6 months .At First, Autologous platelet rich plasma prepared by collected the fresh blood from peripheral vein of the patient and put the blood into the Jel tube containing Acid Citrate Dextrose solution A (ACD-A) anticoagulant. Second, under light anesthesia , by the specialist doctor ,patient had been undergone intra-testicular injection with 1 ml of platelet rich plasma in each testicle using 1 ml syringe fine needle which injected directly into the seminiferous tubule or through interstitial space, this procedure have been repeated at least 3 times, one mouth between each injection ,Seminal fluid analysis was done , FSH , Testosterone hormonal level were estimated, after one mouth from each platelet rich plasma injection ,If there was no sperm count in SFA ,then patients should be prepared for Testicular biopsy by the specialist doctor with platelet rich plasma adding during the operation, Third, few sperm may found in biopsy during lab examination of testes tissue under dissecting microscope, Furthermore, these sperms can storage at cryopreservation technique at future using in IVF or ICSI giving more chance for getting baby . Results: The results of 50 infertile men enrolled in this current study and revealed the therapeutic effect of platelet rich plasma, the effect was observed in 15 patients during 3-4 months from the beginning using of autologous platelet rich plasma , either nor the procedure that have been followed by the specialist doctor for using the autologous platelet rich plasma. Results was divided according to estimation the blood serum hormonal level include Testosterone and FSH level and sperm count , the result show there was highly significant difference of FSH hormonal level after PRP injection P(<0.001) than before PRP adding , also there was highly significant differences of S.Testosterone level after PRP injection P (<0.004) than before, Whereas there was significant differences in sperm count inmen after PRP using at the same period. Conclusion : PRP can improve the structural and functional impairment of the testis of non obstructive azoospermic infertile male .


Azoospermia, Platelet Rich Plasma, Non Obstructive Azoospermia

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