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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66042

Sequential Distributed Adaptive WaldBoost Classification based Stochastic Cryptosystem for Secured data Communication in Cloud

R.Krishnaveni ,Dr.S.Shakila


Secure data communication in cloud is a challenging task for the data owner due to its privacy and confidentiality. Several organizations store their sensitive information in the cloud for sharing the data. In this case, privacy is considered a serious concern in cloud computing for achieving integrity, authentication as well as confidentiality. Among all those concerns, a novel technique Sequential Distributed Adaptive WaldBoost Classification based Stochastic Cayley–Purser Cryptography (SDAWC-SCPC) is introduced to focus on enhancing the data integrity in the public cloud environment. An effective approach based on secure data transmission named SDAWC-SCPC is proposed for resolving the problem based on data integrity in a public cloud environment with higher data confidentiality. SDAWC-SCPC Technique performs two processes, namely data classification and secured communication. Initially, the data are collected from different patients at different locations. The collected patient data are then classified into two classes based on features using Sequential Probabilistic Distributed Adaptive WaldBoost Data Classifier. Ensemble WaldBoost Data Classifier uses the group of weak learners for categorizing the patient data into different classes. The output of weak classifiers is combined to provide the final strong classification results. After classification, the encryption and decryption process is carried out using the Stochastic Cayley–Purser cryptography. The classified patient data gets encrypted using Cayley–Purser encryption algorithm, and the encrypted data are sent to the server. On the server-side, the patient data gets decrypted using Stochastic Cayley–Purser Cryptography.


Cloud computing, Secured Data Communication, Sequential Probabilistic distributed adaptive WaldBoost, Stochastic Cayley–Purser cryptography

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