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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44919

The Density With Mutual Information In Communities-Based For Identifying The Nodes Influencing In Complex Weighted Networks

Hussein L. Hasan, Salah A.Albermany


This paper presents a new method in identifying the influential and dominant nodes of information exchange within social networks.The procedure involves blending the characteristics of structured communities with exchanging information between nodes—the density with Mutual Information-Based Centrality (DMIBC). The results obtained from the method were compared, and a high-level correlation was found between standard metrics. DMIBC gave a new concept, which is not relying on network properties so that some nodes have a significant position within the community structure. Still, they tend to be idle and without interaction. Therefore, DMIBC gave high values to the nodes that have high rates of information exchange and at the same time have important positions within the community structurewith the effect of density and number of components of the community in the composition of the method.


Density,Mutual information, Communities,Influential nodes.

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