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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44916

Healthcare Monitoring Based on Cloud Computing: Case Study (Corona Virus)

Laith A. Abdul-Rahaim, Sura Mousa Ali, Tania Mohmmed


COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is a very transmissible infection that has the world’s attention lastly. This virus can be transmitted from any patient to other people by direct contact,it could be spread if the person sneezes or coughs. It is also spread by touching a surface that contains a virus.In this paper, the intelligent healthcare system is proposed, that integrates cloud computing technologies. Its architecture utilizes smart sensors, microcontrollers, C ++ and the Php programming languages to program the Arduino and cluad. The temperature sensor, with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees, and the sound sensor are used in this paper. These sensors will send the data of the patient to the SQL database and cloud after encryption it by RSA algorithm. Finally the data transport to the monitor and the doctor or nurse can monitor the patients from web browser from any device such as smart phones, ipads, or PC computers from any place remotely without touching the patients. This architecture can reduce the transmission of infections by touch, in addition to monitoring all cases in a hospital without potential. The system tracks the state of patients and delivers timely, reliable, and high quality healthcare with minimum cost. The presented architecture will be useful in diagnosis research and healthcare systems.The computing cloud is necessary for highly challenging architectures like intelligent healthcare. The concept of intelligent architecture healthcare systems was to provide patient surveillance at all times, in addition to real time connectivity. In addition, the sensors are required for this architecture to be applied to any patient afflicted with any disease. Therefore, by adding the sensors are required.


COVID-19 RSA algorithm SQL database C ++ and Php programming languages

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