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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44923

A Technical Aspect of WBAN Security Protocols and Their Challenges: Brief Survey

P. Anitha, Dr.R. Priya


The "Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)" has risen to prominence as one of the most promising new health-improving technologies available right now. WBAN's unmanned aspect, conventionality, portability and cost-efficiency are all advantages of using this pervasive computing approach for communications. Those WBANs are especially crucial for patients with life-threatening illnesses. For instance, those with cardiovascular problems, pregnant women and the cognitively ill always need constant monitoring. WBAN, therefore, serves as a real support system for its users on the one side. But on the other side, WBAN uses a wireless medium for its implementation which lacks security. All of the restrictions, particularly those relating to insecurity, were been detailed here. Patients' lives are at risk because of the sensitive nature of their medical information. WBAN's biggest shortcoming is still its inability to keep endpoints and communications upon those networks secure. When it comes to networks transmitting such sensitive information, existing security measures aren't up to the task, which necessitates the development of new ones. The purpose of this review article is to gain insight into WBAN's security issues and to examine current security solutions like "Cryptographic Protocols", "Intrusion Detection Systems" and "Trust Management Systems" in depth. It is very apparent from our observations that current security measures have serious drawbacks. As part of this effort, we also present prospective insights and solutions for resolving the various WBAN security threats.


Wireless Body Area Network, Cryptographic Protocols, Intrusion Detection, Trust Management Systems

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