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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.11.NQ66004

Knowledge And Attitude of Post-Covid Rehabilitation Among Undergraduate Physiotherapy Students.

Akshanda Dhumale, T Poovishnu Devi


Background: To study the knowledge and attitude of post-covid rehabilitation among undergraduate physiotherapy students. Methods: E-survey was done between the students of maharashtra. Online forms were sent acrosss and 180 responses were recorded. A simple questionnaire was sent which had YES and NO questions to be answered. Total 10 questions were to be answered of which some were of attitude based and some of knowledge. Statistical analysis was done with the software instat. P value of answers in comparison with third year and final year was calculated. Results: Out of 180, 138 final year students and 42 third year students asnwers were recorded. The results show that a good percentage of students are aware about the covid symtoms and have a positive attitude towards post covid rehabilitation. The survey concluded that 22% third yeard and 76 % final year students think post covid rehabilitation has a role to play in patients recovery.The p value was 0.0401 which is considered significant. 21% third years and 76% final years think that post covid rehabilitation can reduce post covid complications (p value= 0.0901).21% third year and 76% final year students think physiotherapy is given for the patients in the ICU. This was considered significant with p value of 0.027. 23% third year and 73% final year think post covid rehabilitation improves functional status of life. The p value was considered not significant(1.0000). Conclusion: This study concludes that the physiotherapy students are aware of the role of physiotherapy rehabilitation post covid and the the benefits for bettter quality of life.


knowledge, attitude, students, covid

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