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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44889

Assessment of issues faced by SMEs in IT industry while implementing automation: A case assessment of inefficient performance of business at customer touchpoints

Anil Verma, A.Seetharaman


The rise of automation is altering corporate practices. Small firms are leading the way in terms of automation since they contribute the most to GDP. As a result, SMEs in the IT industry must implement automation-driven strategies and survival strategic methods in order to overcome the many global problems that the SME sector faces. This study critically reviewed the available literature on global problems for SMEs to have a better understanding of the issues that SME organizations in the IT sector might face related to the implementation of automation. Through the research articles chosen for this study, published information on how SMEs might employ automation to provide effective services was examined with the identification of relative challenges. The review revealed that the applications of IT automation in SMEs are inexhaustible but there are challenges due to which SMEs continue to struggle with multiple areas of concern related to the application of technologies for automation. Moreover, the study considered that the most major effects of automation are the use of technology, the development of massive data, and the analysis of that data. With a case assessment, it was concluded that unique models, extensive evaluations of the difficulties faced, and specific technology to deliver answers can all help these businesses.


SME, information technology, automation, chatbots, customer satisfaction.

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