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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44876

Body Language as a Tool for Improving EFL Learners' Comprehension

Dhafar Basim Ali, InasHadierKadhim, Ahmed Jalil, MazinHadi


The more instructors utilize body dialect prompts accurately and fittingly , the more students‘ comprehension are likely to be improved. Through our two fundamental apparatuses (students‘ survey and classroom perception), we collected confirmations that express the significance of body dialect prompts in improving students‘ comprehension. From the survey, it was clearly appeared that rectify eye contact and voice tone have a capable impact on learners‘ mindfulness and they can effectively get their teachers‘ messages. Moreover, in classroom perception ,hands developments are fundamental prompt that the instructors utilize to portray or decide their ide-as. As well, body developments incorporates a crucial impact on students‘ comprehension which can offer assistance them to be in great separate with the educator and make them stressed to their teachers‘ another move. Touching also is exceptionally imperative since we found that it'll have a great impact on the understudies conduct towards their instructors. In expansion, extraordinary remove and Uncommon remove and nearness plays an basic part in which the students‘ comprehension in great way can be set up.


Body language, Comprehension , Vocabulary , Improving,Communicative Approach

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