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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44869

Is Life time caries experience related with Blood group?

Dr. Rahul R. Patel, Dr. Jignesh D. Patel, Dr. Hiren P. Patel, Dr. Rajesh M. Patel, Dr. Sopan Singh, Dr. Nidhi B. Patel


Introduction: Dental caries has a high prevalence worldwide. Its etiology is complex and multi factorial; however the question of a possible true genetic predisposition toward dental caries has piqued the minds of dental investigators for decades. Blood group remains stagnant for all individuals throughout their life. Aims:To assess the relation of blood group with life time caries experience. Material and Methods: A descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted among 233 dental students of Mahesana District, Gujarat, India. Dental caries of students was recorded by using DMFT index. To identify the blood group of study subjects, a drop blood of each subject was placed on a slide and mixed with anti-A, anti-B, and anti-Rh sera. Results: Out of 233 students, 35.6% were having life time caries experience. Majority of the students were having blood group B, among these 33.7% were having life time caries experience. Significant difference was found between Rh factor and life time caries experience. Statistically analysis performed using SPSS 16.0 version. Pearson chi-square test and contingency coefficient test were used. Level of significance was set at P ≤ 0.05. Conclusions: Use of blood group to assess the life time caries experience is still an inexact science at the present time. Further extensive research in this field has to be done in order to determine and evaluate the significance of this variation.


Blood group, Life time caries experience, DMFT index, Dental caries

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