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DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.11.NQ66017

COVID19 Pandemic: Perspective on Quality of life

Dr.KetanR.Dagdiya, Dr.SayaliS. Bhagat, Dr.Ajeet Saoji


Introduction: Globally COVID-19 pandemic impacted on all dimensions of the lives in the world. Quality of lifemeasures person’s well-being. Very less information was available about the influence of COVID-19 pandemic onqualityoflife.Thus,objectivewastoassessimpactandchangeinlifestylerelatedfactorscontributingtoqualityoflife among employedpopulationduetoCOVID-19pandemic. Methodology:Webbasedcrosssectionalstudywasconductedamong>18yearsofstudyparticipants.Convenientsa mplingmethodwasused. DataanalysiswasdoneusingEpi infosoftware7.2.2version. Results: A total 252 study participants completed the study. COVID-19 pandemic impact was severe on physicaldomain 114(43.51%) and on psychological domain 20(7.63%). Over all the effect of pandemic on quality of lifewas moderate 136(51.91%). 234(89.31%) participants responded that there was excellent change in lifestylerelatedpractices. Conclusion:COVID19pandemichadmoderatelyaffectedqualityoflifeinourstudysubjects,alongwithexcellentchangeinlifestylerelate dpractices. Studies in huge population will be requiredtoverify these findings.


COVID-19; Pandemic; Impact; Quality of life; Lifestyle

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