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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44831

The Logo Development of Liquid Borneo Camphor and Herbal Inhalant Products of Umong Piyamtr 1 Community, Betong District, Yala Province

Apsorn E-sor and Anan Vasoh


The objective of this research was to develop the logo of liquid Borneo camphor and herbal inhalant products of Umong Piyamitr 1 community, Betong District, Yala Province. This was a research and development study. Data were collected from related parties including groups of manufacturers, middlemen, customers, and logo design specialists. A mixed-method design was applied in this research: qualitatively, focus group discussion and development operation was used, and, quantitatively, data collection was conducted via questionnaires. Information derived from focus group discussions and development operations was brought into analysis, synthesis, comparison, and rational description. Data collected from questionnaires were analyzed to determine frequencies and percentages. Research results indicated that the logo development of liquid Borneo camphor and herbal inhalant products of the Umong Piyamitr 1 community was divided into three steps as follows.1) Development Planning: the products were branded “Keeree 1987” of which “Keeree” referred to mountains whereas “1987” stated the year that members left mountains and were renominated as developing partners of Thailand. In an aspect of brand personality, it depicted high Chinese, determinedness, idealism, and nature adherence. For the aspect of logo image, it presented mixed graphic images of the mountain and Umong Piyamitr city gate. Concerning the logo color aspect, red and green colors were used in the designing task: red implied Chinese Thai beings, and green referred to military uniform, expressing determinedness, idealism, and also herbal products. 2) Development operation: development of three product logo designs as planned was accomplished. 3) Development Conclusion: satisfaction survey of the product logo designs developed indicated that customers’ satisfaction was the highest with the first logo, accounting for 55 percent.


Logo, Liquid Borneo Camphor, Herbal Inhalant, Umong Piyamtr 1 Community

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