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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44829

Non-verbal evaluation of consumer behavioral analytics using Facial Coding to audit ecommerce retail websites

Dr Christina Shiju, Dr Monali Sharma, Dr Bigyan Verma


Behavioral analytics using facial coding through Automatic Facial Expression Analysis (A.F.E.A) has enabled nonverbal assessment of individual behavior. Neuroscience studies cognitive and emotive responsiveness and gives deeper insight to the thought processes impacting decision making. Neural process regulates and impacts subconscious and conscious behavior. Psychology delves deeper into the emotive basis of behavior. Neuroscience and psychology assessment in individuals with behavioral data has become possible with use of artificial intelligence (A.I) based technologies. Facial Action Coding System (F.A.C.S) has enabled the tracking and coding of emotions. Action Units (A.U) tracking facial movement delves deeper into combining computer algorithms with nonverbal behavior. As online websites are favored today, consumer centric strategies based on analytics are deemed effective and targeted. The paper focuses on Facial Action Coding System in understanding consumer behavior and assessed emotive responses across gender and age ranges. Behavioral data garnered through facial coding assessment has been carried for auditing visual elements capturing consumer attention. Visual representation of information and its elicited emotive response from a consumer are nonverbal evaluative methods which have tremendous scope in the future and broadened social sciences scope as a domain.


Nonverbal evaluation, behavioral analytics, AFEA, facial coding, emotions, FACS

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