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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44827

Comparative clinical and histological analysis of demineralized bone matrix putty and bioactive glass for fresh extraction socket preservation

Surabhi Joshi, Ashil shah, Shreya Gajjar, Gaurav Girdhar, Santosh Kumar, Mohammed Irfan


The goal of the study was to compare and evaluate the influence of bioactive glass against demineralized bone matrix putty in enhancing natural bone regeneration by preserving the extraction socket. Twenty patients with teeth having a hopeless prognosis and indicated for extraction were selected. Socket preservation was done by the placement of demineralized bone matrix putty (group I) and bioactive glass (group II) after the extraction. Following extraction and placement of graft material, collagen plug, a bioabsorbable dressing material was kept covered over the remaining 1-2 mm augmented extraction socket. Various parameters evaluated were plaque index, modified gingival index, early wound healing index and buccolingual ridge width. After 6 months, the bone sample was collected by trephine bur and sent for histological analysis. Histomorphometric analysis was also done. Statistical significance was defined as p<0.05. Significant improvement was seen in terms of plaque index, modified gingival index, early wound healing index, and buccolingual ridge width from baseline to 6 months in intragroup comparison. But both groups showed no statistically significant difference in intergroup comparison for the same parameters. Histomorphometric analysis, on the other hand, showed a statistically significant difference in the mean values of vital bone and provisional matrix between both groups. Both the graft materials produced adequate bone formation and successfully preserved the ridge. However, on histomorphometric analysis, demineralized bone matrix putty showed enhanced bone regeneration.


Bone augmentation, Biomaterials, Bioactive-glass, Demineralized bone matrix, Osteoinductivity, Tooth socket

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