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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44817

Muay Thai: A Suitable Creative Economic Development Model

Shi Xiaowu, Sastra Laoakka


The research of this paper is based on Muay Thai and it provides value-added and suitable model research for the development of Muay Thai through the principles of creative economics. Therefore, after defining the research scope of Muay Thai, we must clarify the basic theories related to creative economy, the content that it covers, and the internal and external concepts serving it. In the study of the text, we will concretely consider and study the following theoretical system: the theory of creative economy. UNESCO's concept of creative economy combines creative production and commercialization with intangible cultural connotations to create content-intensive industrial activities.Form and the content is protected by copyright, basically is the product material and non-material services. On the basis of the above-mentioned, the text of the culture and value-added research of Muay Thai adopt the concept of combiningculture, creativity and high-tech in creative economy, as well as related intellectual property rights protection, to study the current situation of Muay Thai. Especially in the COVID-19 epidemic, Muay Thai became the beneficiary of creative economy


Muay Thai; creative economy; Cultural appreciation;

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